Should I book in advance?

Yes please.

Does the tour price include ferry passes?

Sorry, your ferry ticket is not included in our standard tour price. Tickets can be purchased from "FULLERS" at the Downtown ferry terminal. Our tours meet the 9 AM ferry departing from Downtown Auckland (to Matiatia ferry terminal, Waiheke Island). 

What time does the Tour start?

Tours start at 10 am  from the Matiatia Ferry Terminal, Waiheke Island.

Private/Exclusive tours have flexible start times to suit.

What if I miss the ferry to Waiheke?

Please get to the ferry building (Downtown Auckland) on time to catch the appropriate ferry to Waiheke. Unfortunately, we cannot refund your booking. Your ferry will leave at 9:00 am. We recommend you arrive at the departing Pier by 8:30 am.

Is there an age limit for the Hike Bike Ako Tours?

Yes. The Walking tour has a minimum age of 7 years and the Walk and Cycle tours have a minimum participant age of 16 years.

Do I need to be super-fit to do this Tour? 

NO, no, no. However, average fitness and ability to ride a bicycle (for the Cycle tours) is a must. WAIHEKE TOURS. The Walking tour is approximately 2 hours of strolling; The 'Walk and Cycle' tour is 30 mins strolling and up to 1 hour (max) on the bike. The Cycle tour is approximately 1.5 hours on the bike. ROTORUA TOURS. The terrain is almost completely flat. It's a very easy cruise around Rotorua.

What shall I bring with me?

Please wear comfortable clothing and footwear appropriate for walking and cycling. Skirts and dresses are NOT recommended. There are NO luggage storage facilities at the start point of our Tours so ensure that what you bring, can be comfortably carried in a backpack. During the summer you will need a water bottle and sunscreen. We recommend you also have a hat and sunglasses too.

What happens if I get injured on the tour e.g. sprained ankle?

Your Guide is first aid qualified and will tend to you as best as possible. If you cannot continue on the tour, your guide will call a taxi to collect you and transport you to the local accident and emergency centre or, back to Matiatia ferry terminal (or to your accommodation if your tour is in Rotorua). You will be responsible for the cost of the taxi ride. 

What happens when I arrive at Matiatia Ferry Terminal?

A uniformed Hike Bike Ako Waiheke Island Guide will meet you as you disembark from the ferry. Look for the distinctive Hike Bike Ako Waiheke Island sign. ROTORUA TOURS. Our Guide will meet you outside the Rotorua i-SITE Visitor Information Centre.

If it rains, are raincoats provided?

No. Please bring your own raincoat just in-case it rains after the Tour has commenced.