About Us


We are a Māori owned and operated business on Waiheke Island.


Our Company Directors and lead Tour Guides are experienced University teachers. Drs Robyn Manuel (Te Rarawa and Ngāti Kahu tribes) and Kepa Morgan (Ngāti Pikiao, Ngāti Kahungungu and Ngai Tahu tribes) created Hike Bike Ako Waiheke Island in order to accurately and authentically share the island's long and fascinating Māori story. In addition we deliberately offer a Māori tourism experience that leaves a very small environmental impact footprint on our pristine and precious Island.


Ako is a Māori term meaning to teach and learn. When our Guests tour with us, we simultaneously teach and learn from each other.


The historical and educational content of our tours have been meticulously researched. And, as authentic Maori operators with direct ancestral links to the indigenous peoples who visited and lived in and around Waiheke Island for 100s of years, you get our distinct Maori perspective of historical events associated with this magical island.

Our new product, Cycle with Māori - Rotorua, draws on our years of experience delivering tours on Waiheke Island. Again, our family have direct genealogical links to Rotorua and its surrounds thus allowing us to share the Māori story of this amazing region.



Walk with Maori | Cycle with Maori | Learn with Maori | Stay with Maori


Hike Bike Ako Waiheke Island is an authentic Maori experience. Our guests get to enjoy Waiheke's stunning scenery, taste award winning wines AND engage with real Maori who are able share the island's accurate Maori history.


Each of our tours have been designed to improve your wellbeing and leave you with lasting memories. Tour with us in our beautiful environment.


Hike Bike Ako Waiheke Island is a member of NZ Maori Tourism and the Tourism Export Council of NZ.